Mission Control Center (MCC) - Professional Smart, easy and feature-rich GCS...

Mission Control Center (MCC) is an integrated environment that enables professional pilots to fly drones with safety and stability. MCC is fault tolerant and enables parallel control in case of catastrophic failures and is one of the few enterprise-ready solutions in the market.

Key Features
  1. Integrated mission control
  2. Mission planner (Programmable via plain commands or map-based)
  3. Real-time information for battery capacity and battery health status
  4. Real-time reporting for motor health status
  5. Intuitive map for real-time tracking and planning
  6. Integrated interface for camera control and machine vision
  7. Integrated with Cyclops
  8. Swarm control
Key Advantages
  1. Human acts as a supervisor not necessarily as a pilot
  2. Eliminates mistakes & empowers safety
  3. Error tolerant with self-restoration system on failure
  4. Unlimited simultaneous auxiliary MCCs
  5. Unlimited connections
  6. Integrated programming language for flight planning
  7. Integrated with AiRFLOW

AiR-MCC is the mission control center for all custom / tailor-made drones in the market. It works well and gets integrated with any 3rd party solution that operates on top of the MAVLink protocol and well known programmable autopilots. For more advanced flights at any distance, we suggest a monthly subscription on AiRFLOW-Connect to enable remote control from any location.

Q-MCC is the mission control center for existing well known brands like DJI, Parrot etc. In order to function properly it requires a physical base station that connects the drones with the system. The physical base station is a device sold separately to the end-user.

XB-MCC is our specialized mission control center for the military-grade drones. These drones require no base station, interconnect with each other and can be controlled by a mother ship or a bigger drone.