Top AI/ML solutions for the drone era...

PERCEPTRON is an all-in-one drone solution inside a box. It integrates all necessary primary avionics, secondary flight electronics, computers, sensors, telecommunication hardware, telemetry and smart software to enable uninterruptible and fully autonomous (with AI) or semi-autonomous (AI-assisted) fights. In other words, PERCEPTRON is a device that enhances any custom drone and transforms it into a smart one.

Key Features
  1. Transforms simple drones to robotic-autonomous ones, powered with advanced AI
  2. Provides a solid foundation with advanced AI and Machine Learning
  3. Utilizes AI algorithms to perceive and adapt on dynamic environments, avoid obstacles and decide routing
  4. Smart swarming capabilities
  5. Dynamic navigation / plan rerouting & rescheduling
  6. Lowers battery consumption
  7. Predicts move patterns so that drones can safely reroute for optimal paths and avoid obstacles in real-time (detection & avoidance)
  8. Extends capabilities with software and hardware solutions via the AiRFLOW platform
  9. Enables BVLOS management

Dragonfly (neXt move) is a specilized AI software and subystem of the AiRFLOW platform. It enables real-time collision detection & collision avoidance (CD/CA) for autonomous and unsupervised flights.

Key Features
  1. Environment aware system
  2. Integrates with various sensors
  3. Adaptable to changes

AiRFLOW Lightweight Integrated Services Assistant (ALiSA) is an interactive voice controlled agent that can execute complex scenarios with simple voice commands, using advanced AI. ALiSA is a unique service/application best suited for real-time interaction in BVLOS missions under crisis or imminent danger. ALiSA self checks for issues and protects your drone from incorrect commands that may cause damage. For more information see the videos below.

Key Features
  1. Ultra responsive (<1000ms)
  2. Provides audible responses in natural language
  3. Profiles its users and enhances the interactive experience
  4. Protects its users by smart verifications before execution
  5. It can understand virtually all languages
  6. It can further extend its dictionary into custom commands
  7. Integrates with CEREBRUM to form ALiSA - Ψ (PSI)
  8. Integrates with AiRFLOW, ANAFI-Smart and PERCEPTRON
  9. Integrates with IoT solutions

CEREBRUM is a special Brain Control Interface (BCI) solution that enables humans to execute control commands with their thoughts. This is the first complete mind control system and a global innovation that will reshape the market and how people interact with machines. CEREBRUM can also be used with ALiSA forming ALiSA - Ψ. The upgraded ALiSA runs with psionic abilties and CEREBRUM becomes interactive by utilizing ALiSA's smart checks and speech engine to anounce actions or errors. For more information see the video below.

Key Features
  1. Profiles its users and enhances the interactive experience
  2. Protects its users by smart verifications before execution (if required)
  3. Integrates with ALiSA to form ALiSA - Ψ (PSI)
  4. Integrates with AiRFLOW, ANAFI-Smart and PERCEPTRON
  5. Integrates with IoT solutions

The ultimate solution for real-time people detection and tracking. It works with any IP camera and detects things, faces, bodies, positions, and even expressions and alerts based on pre-programmed events. Cyclops also comes with extended capabilities when integrated with the AiRFLOW cloud platform.

Key Features
  1. Smart event triggers
  2. Real-time alerting for multiple streams
  3. Functions with any IP camera
  4. Functions with any drone camera
  5. Integrates with AiRFLOW
  6. Zero config
  7. Cost effective