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PROBOTEK enables integration of professional alarm systems, CCTV cameras, etc. with its software and hardware ecosystem of drones and applications. Gray [email protected] (a drone powered by Parrot), among other solutions, is integrated with PARADOX security systems and supported by the ANAFI Smart software platform.

PROBOTEK enables integration of software, drones and drone bases with a variety of sensors. We have extensive experience and validated tests with sensors such as:

  • CO2
  • SO2
  • O2
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Accelerometers (seismic waves)

PROBOTEK utilizes the SigFox protocol with IoT sensors and takes advantage of its ability to transmit under low power, low bandwidth data to large distances. With SigFox we build a mess of IoT devices that can communicate accross the world...