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Siλence is a cryptophone that provides strong end-to-end encryption on top of a secure operating system and certified smartphone hardware, compatible with the EU GDPR. An out-of-the-box solution for the enterprise, government officials, the police, the army and VIPs.

Key Features
  1. Certified hardware
  2. Strong encryption (end-to-end)
  3. Cloud based telephony (no GSM)
  4. Operates in 150 countries
  5. On-premises installation on our cloud voice center for maximum isolation (optional)

ZeR0-Connect (Z0C) is a platform and technology that utilizes TMS (Tiny Messaging System) application to assist communication in critical situations (earthquake, tsunami, war, etc.) where any form of connection is difficult or nearly impossible.

Key Features
  1. Operates regardless of provider or device specifications
  2. Operates in the WiFi band (no licence needed)
  3. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication (node-to-node)
  4. Recieves & sends messages (with no Internet)