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GreyOS is a new kind of OS, a Meta-OS. GreyOS introduces a new era of unimited possibilities with the concept of Cloud Computer (CC). GreyOS is free and open source. For more information check the GitHub repository.

micro-MVC is a simple, agile and powerful MVC framework that empowers developers to write MVC-based code very quickly. micro-MVC API is robust and solves roughly 95% of all the everyday issues you face under development with PHP and JS. micro-MVC is optimized, secure, lightning fast and consumes the least resources possible.

The framework runs on nearly any platform including embedded systems and has been tested extensively in several hardware configurations. Finally, the framework comes with out-of-the-box configurations for Apache and NGINX offering enterprise-ready security, smart caching and compression. For more information check the GitHub repository.

G.A.N.N is a unique neural network programming framework and integrated platform. It started with the "Black Box" philosophy in mind to achieve the creation of a centralized and unified core, based on an Advanced Neural Network design that performs all the needed functions and procedures automatically.
For more information check the GitHub repository.

Z0C protocol is an open interface for programmers to build IoT applications that function under conditions with zero connectivity or under conditions with limited resources. The protocol allows any Windows-based device to become a beacon or a relay and transmit data via the WiFi circuit (without having any connection or access to a local network or the Internet). In other words, Z0C works like a digital CB radio. The things you can do with Z0C are infinite. Sky is the limit! For more information check the GitHub repository.