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Smart WiFI is an enterprise-ready access point (AP) for the SME and larger companies. It is also enriched with cutting edge technologies to support IoT projects out of the box. Smart WiFi is an innovative device unlike any other access point in the market.

Key Features
  1. Smart Web page caching (saves time from re-loading the same content)
  2. Line optimization (dynamic QoS, load balancing & throttling)
  3. 3D-range (WiFi fencing prevents connection overlaps and limits users in a specified area)
  4. Smart device battery saver (prevents unwanted signal boosting by tablets, phones, laptops)
  5. Real-time communication (Hyper Stream) for VoIP & chat messengers
  6. Indoor Positioning System (IPS enables spatial awareness for connections)
  7. Anti-Hacking protection system
  8. Supports up to 5 antennas (4 externals plus 1 internal)
  9. Integration with IoT devices