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PROBOTEK applies cutting-edge technologies and innovation to practical applications. Medical delivery for drugs and equipment to distant locations, islands and even around the world, is not just a concept any more. COVID-19 accelerated our mission for direct, immediate and accessible healthcare. Our aim as a company is to improve the quality of health services and provide easier access for all, through our unique autonomous drones. Medi-Drone is exactly that. A platform of drones that have the ability to deliver medicines and equipment to difficult remote locations under difficult weather conditions. Our drive is to put humans at the center of our job and medical delivery over drones is an essential service for us all!

Key Advantages
  1. Lower operation costs
  2. Prompt, faster and safer delivery
  3. Ad-hoc bulk deliveries
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Remote controlled
  6. Real-time route monitoring

Food delivery with drones is probably one of the most exciting and key marketing concepts. PROBOTEK, is now moving past the concept and introduces the food delivery service. Drones deliver foods and drinks over the air with the help of AiR-Food, a platform that utilizes drones and cutting-edge technologies. AiR-Food empowers shop owners to operate drones (using MCC from a remote location) from any distance with safety. The service provides convenience and delivers accurately at a specific location or address. Also, it enhances on-demand delivery to serve suburban areas with lower density and higher distances. Food delivery is a unique customer experience!

Key Advantages
  1. 24/7/365 service
  2. Lower cost per delivery over long distances
  3. Faster and safer delivery
  4. Minimization of business operation problems
  5. Increased orders
  6. Remote controlled
  7. Real-time route monitoring

Last mile delivery is undoubtedly the most challenging process in the courier sector! PROBOTEK aims to reduce distances, reach remote and less accessible areas, connect communities and create or restore bridges of communication. To do so, we take advantage of our autonomous drone platform. AiR-Courier is a practical and disruptive solution for fast, safe and accurate delivery. Considering all conditions and factors that might cause delays or problems with the classic approach, our solution “delivers” on-time with robotic services that will optimize your business. PROBOTEK is a green oriented company that pursues to reduce CO2 emissions and as such the system is an all-electric solution. In this decade, drones will transform logistics radically and our company is a pioneer in this field.

Key Advantages
  1. Lower operation costs
  2. Prompt, faster and safer delivery
  3. Ad-hoc bulk deliveries
  4. Efficient time management
  5. Route Flexibility
  6. Lower maintenance costs
  7. Reduced roadway congestion
  8. Eco-friendly
  9. Remote controlled
  10. Real-time route monitoring

Drones are the next generation tools for patrolling anything from small to large areas. Our security services aim mainly at the enterprise and the B2B/B2G in general. Gray M@ntis platform which is compatible - and can be integrated - with security alarm systems, sensors and CCTV equipment provides a total solution for real-time safeguarding and patrolling in those sectors. This way, safeguards and security officers are secure as they are informed for incidents/intruders in real-time from a safe distance and don’t have to do in-spot checks. Finally, managing officers and security strategists can identify more parameters - through continuous monitoring - and thus plan more effective tactics for de-escalating and mitigating an incident.

Key Advantages
  1. Efficient surveillance
  2. Instantly detects any unusual activity
  3. Improved response times
  4. Faster mitigation of risks
  5. Reduces personal exposure
  6. Synchronizes teams on the field
  7. Remote controlled
  8. Real-time route monitoring

PROBOTEK provides a set of smart defense solutions under the AiANTAS ecosystem. The AiANTAS ecosystem consists of software & hardware platforms, drones, tactical mobile suitcases and integrated sensors, antennas and other 3rd party systems. Our top solutions involve small and autonomous tactical drones for operations on the field or remotely managed.

Key Advantages
  1. Operational efficiecy
  2. Improved impact
  3. Reduced human exposure on the field
  4. Remote controlled
  5. Interoperable systems

Rampaging fires cost thousands of human lives, property damage and loss of 2.980 square kilometers of forest every year. A high reliable system should be invented to prevent such incidents from escalating fast. PROBOTEK provides such a solution that utilizes the ARFiDD platform. The platform uses drones with special cameras in conjunction with ground sensors that gather critical information and detect smoke and fires at an early stage. That way, first responders, with the assistance of the drone/s over the area can plan their path and course of action in real-time. For difficult scenarios or vast areas, the platform allows for managing a swarm of autonomous drones to assist in operations at different spots simultaneously.

Key Advantages
  1. Efficient crew management/guidance on the spot
  2. Identification of hot spots
  3. Real-time monitoring of events
  4. Reduces risk of injuries
  5. Fast deployment
  6. Cost effective
  7. Versatile
  8. Remote controlled
  9. Real-time route monitoring

In agriculture, time is of the essence. Farming needs preparedness and quick reactions. Climate is a “game changer” factor for all farmers and requires adaptation. For that purpose PROBOTEK introduces solutions that provide sustainability and growth under certain difficult conditions. PROBOTEK owns the technology to assist farmers, deal with a wide range of problems and benefit from the impact of autonomous drones on the fields. Agri-Drone is a kind of drones that scan and monitor crop fields, gather critical information through sensors, etc. in order to assist in decision making and applying best practices. The platform keeps historical data for crops, diseases, pests, weather and soil conditions and enables for fine-grade analysis and business intelligence.

Key Advantages
  1. Health assessment of crops & fields
  2. Improves productivity
  3. Increases profitability
  4. Optimization of processes
  5. Faster, more precise and flexible
  6. Eco-friendly
  7. Easy to deploy & control