Unlimited range and real-time control...

Utilizes the AiRFLOW platform and empowers real-time autonomous flights at any distance. Thus, enabling BVLOS flights. Drone operators and business owners can now achieve greater operational efficiencies with AiRFLOW Connect. Meet better your projects’ requirements, monitor, watch, schedule, improve communication among parties, minimize time to get critical intelligence.

AiRFLOW Connnect comes in 3 editions
  1. AiRFLOW Connect - Telemetry (low bandwidth data rate for basic telemetry)
  2. AiRFLOW Connect - Stream (high bandwith data rate for real-time video)
  3. AiRFLOW Connect - Complete (high bandwidth with unlimited real-time data streams)
Key Features
  1. Digital telemetry for control over any distance around the globe
  2. Integrates with virtually any mission control center or planner
  3. Secure data transfer (strong military-grade encryption)

A smart device that solves the critical problem of remote communication. It enables control of your drone and real-time data feed from anywhere regardless of distance and location. ConnectiKR0N acts as a router that utilizes the telco network to grant your drone access over the Internet. Internally, it provides access via a secure WiFi connection so that you can connect locally from your GCS or other devices.

Key Features
  1. Military-grade encryption on top of a VPN connection
  2. Dynamic QoS for stable and low-latency connections
  3. Total control over any GCS
  4. Unaffected communication by common anti-drone technologies
  5. Works at any distance